Everything is temporary

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When you feel you have lost everything, you still have
  • boobs
  • unexpected kindness in strangers
  • the rest of the world to travel
  • languages to learn
  • animals to take care of
  • volunteer work to do
  • the power of a good night’s rest
  • the changing of seasons
  • infinite things to learn
  • billions of people to meet and possibly love
  • billions of people who might love you back

Needed this today

I am happy I saw this.

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am i really going to live a life where my boyfriend, or even if for whatever reason I marry him, my husband, finds sex completely meaningless? you tell me how much you just “don’t like sex and get “no” pleasure from having it” but what about my needs? are you really going to be that selfish?

sex is such a beautiful and passionate thing but you avoid it like the plague.

what really hurt the most
and I don’t think I will ever forget you just said this

"just go fuck someone else then. go get your nut off with someone else, just don’t tell me"

all I wanted was you…

what do I do?

I want the part of you that you refuse to give to anyone.
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You can tell so much about a person by the way they leave you.
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