Everything is temporary

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I don’t think I’m an actual person I’m just a heart with limbs who cries a lot 

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For all the things my hands have held,
The best by far is you
- Andrew Mcmahon, Cecilia and the Satellite (via sayyoulovemeback)

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I am convinced I am a bother to you. I am convinced you are only here to get something from me and that otherwise I am just a nuisance. I am pushing you away so that you do not have to put up with my constant need for reassurance. It’s for your own good, believe me. You will get fed up with my desire for you to stay but my fear that you want to leave.

I do actually feel bad for Riley though. I haven’t seen him as happy as he was at the beach besides for when we first met. I realized the feeling of forgetting any and all of my troubles while we were at the beach and I know that’s why he enjoyed himself so much. he’s just the last person who wants help with anything which is only making his life harder but I understand. only he, himself, can figure it out, even if I have the answers on the tip if my tongue.